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I've noticed a trend that is getting more and more common where users are disabling small files like .nfo and .txt files in a torrent because they don't want them but they are unaware that this could leave them unable to seed the torrent and later users trying to download the torrent are getting stuck at 99.x% because the last piece cannot pass hash check without that .nfo file being present.

I suggest a warning message when a user attempts to disable files, something like...

Warning: Disabling files will prevent you from being able to Seed this task and could result in users becoming stuck at 99.x%

followed with options "continue", "cancel" and "more information". We could post a topic here in the forum to help educate users regarding this and, hopefully, this could help resolve an ongoing issue that leaves so many users unable to complete downloads and LTseed peers that don't have these tiny files available to share.

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