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Listen port blocked

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Hi My listen port is blocked and I have tried in vain to get it up and running again

1. I have downloaded and installed version 1.39 but is reads” Bitcomet 20150629” on the top of the screen.

2. I am connected via ADSL

3. Router is Cisco EPC 2325 (1 router only)

5. Windows XP 32 bit. Nod 32 Eset Antivirus

6. No

I have been using BC for years and this problem only uncured recently. I have set my listen port to 13108 on both BC and my router.

I hope that info will help and that my listen port blocked issue will be resolved.


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I'm aware of the fact that the latest version 1.39 is listed as a stable version but identifies as a beta, I've yet to receive any clarification regarding this so I'll assume it was an oversight, but the only change since 1.38 is the updated certificate which should only matter if you have an OS or software that enforces software certification.

What exactly changed in your configuration when the port was suddenly blocked? Have you checked to see if your local IP address still matches the portforwarding settings in your router?

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Hi thanks for the feedback, however that does not seem to be the problem. when it comes to the more technical aspects of the settings I am a complete idiot, therefore I have forwarded you my settings in the hope that you can help me get this sorted out.


IP Address:

Subnet Mask:

Default gateway:

Router settings.

Network Configuration


LAN IP Address: / IP Network: Decimal NetMask: Broadcast: WAN IP Address: Subnet Mask: Gateway IP: Duration: D: 00 H: 03 M: 58 S: 29 Expires: Mon Jul 20 15:24:47 2015 IPv4 DNS Servers: MAC Address: 38:c8:5c:e5:4e:52 Host Name (Required by some ISPs) Domain Name (Required by some ISPs) Static IP Address . . . Static IP Mask . . . Default Gateway . . . Primary DNS (static IP only) . . . Secondary DNS (static IP only) . . .

WAN Blocking Enable Ipsec PassThrough Enable PPTP PassThrough Enable Remote Config Management Enable Multicast Enable Enable UPnP Enable Enable

(256-1500 octets, 0 = use default

Port forwarding

Local IP Start port 13108, End port 13108


Start port is same as in BC options

I hope this helps. If you need any further info please let me know.


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Do you know why your wan IP is showing as 100.97... and the IP you're using to post here is different? 119.76...

If you're using the same internet connection then something is wrong, or perhaps you have another device connected that is also a router?

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Hey guys,

first time to post here.  I am using bitcomet for 7 years. got a really big rank and seeding all the time. My problem was also listening port. blocked ofcourse.Trying to do everything with that to enable so I can download faster but i think that is useless. i Got 10MBit ADSL connection. My download id 1300kb/s and upload 70kb/s. So i think that whatever u do (router,firewall,antivirus) you wont get faster download speed. I am right or?

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There is another PC connected to the router and has been for the last year with no problems.

It's possible that the other PC took your PCs local IP address and you were assigned a new one by your router. Check if your portforward rule still matches your local IP address, however my first thought seems more likely, that there is another router involved. It's possible that your ISP has you behind a router. Perhaps you have a voip phone system or television box connected that is also a router, or you can contact your ISP and ask if they have you behind a router that is under their control.

Also, I'm not sure how accurate this info is, but the IP address you used to post this topic looks like it came from Bangkok Thailand, the other unexplained IP address you listed appears to be in the middle of the pacific ocean. If you live on a small island and your provider is in thailand that would explain this, otherwise it's just confusing where this extra IP address came from.

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