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Bitcomet Torrent Collections not working ??

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I dont usually dont seed at all once the download complete i'll stop the download

Do you mean that you don't seed your downloads all at once (that is, you seed them later on)? Or that you don't seed them at all (once you stop the download)?

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If you don't seed after the download you're basically stealing from friends. The only reason the files are there and available to download is because people seed them. If you don't want to participate in free bittorrent file sharing you should consider another method of downloading, there are several other methods you can use where you pay a monthly fee to download without the need to seed such as news groups like usenet, giganews, etc, but if you want to use the free alternatives like torrents and you want us to spend our time to help you, then do your part and seed every torrent until your share ratio is well above 1.0.

The torrent collection is lists of torrents that other members are sharing and you have to be connected to the member at the time it's displayed, in order to be connected you have to be downloading or seeding a task and currently or previously downloading or uploading to the peer. When you stop a task all peer connections are severed and the available torrents are no longer available. Even if bitcomet retained the lists of torrents you still couldn't download them unless you were connected to the peer that was sharing them and it would be a massive mistake to retain them because we'd be swamped with people frustrated because most of the torrents in the collection wouldn't be available.

I currently have about 12 tasks seeding and there are a massive number of torrents available.

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