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Bitcomet keeps 'not responding'


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I just downloaded the new Bitcomet 1.40 for 64bit as I recently had the 1.37 and kept checking for updates by clicking on the check for updates and it kept saying I had the most upto date version. I found out today that there was a 1.40 by doing a google search.

In the last week or so, Bitcomet has been 'not responding' a lot when I go to download something. It will freeze and then I will shut it down and try again but it keeps going on like that then eventually it will work and keep working.

My details:

I have ADSL2+ and use it wireless

I got a new modem a few weeks ago a TP Link Archer D7

I have Windows 7

I use Microsoft Security Essentials as an antivirus

Never had problems with firewall before as there is a firewall exception.

I don't use any ip filtering software (not sure what that is) I do use noscript and adblocker on my search browser which I am currently using the old cometbird.

Here is my speed test: http://www.ozspeedtest.com/bandwidth-test/results/38118733


speedtest-clock-white.png Test run on 07/09/2015 @ 01:17 PM Your Line Speed


Mbps (8,464 kbps) Your Download Speed


MB/s (1,058 KB/s)

Not sure what to do and why I am having issues all of a sudden. I have used bitcomet for years and have never had huge issues before.

Please help:


also, is there a bitcomet plugin for being able to download using firefox light? since cometbird isn't being updated, I need to find a new browser as it too is not responding a lot of the times.

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Bonnie, I'll try to help you with your "not responding" problem but I don't think it's directly related to BitComet, but to help your downloading performance it would be helpful if you could run an upload speed test too.

As for browsers, BitComet will integrate with Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. I recommend you try Chrome http://google.com/chrome

Firefox and browsers based on it's source code tend to be heavy on resources and this could be causing your main problem. It would also be helpful to know how much ram memory your computer has because we are probably going to want to increase bitcomet's disc cache to help avoid disc overload which can also cause apps to not respond. We'll most likely want to increase your virtual memory settings too by making a perm page file instead of an adjustable one that can easily become fragmented so I'll need to know your harddrive(s) size and amount of free space (internal drives only). Without knowing all these specs it would be difficult to say how much of your harddrive should be dedicated for virtual memory, and how much of your ram memory you can afford to dedicate to your harddrive cache. Knowing where to allocate resources can be complicated but I think we can free up your system if you can provide the info we need.

It would probably be a good idea to provide as much info about your computer as possible, beyond the specs I requested.

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Thank you for you reply. How would I check the upload speed? Isn't that covered in the speed test?

I uninstalled and reinstalled bitcomet and it is working now.

I will try and answer the rest of your questions but i'm not really tech savvy so i'll try my best :)

My laptop is a Toshiba Satellite C660 and is about 4 years old. It has a 500gb internal harddrive (270gb free) and a 2gb RAM but able to upgrade to 8gb. It has windows 7 and 64 bit operating system.

Hopefully this information will help. If you need more, please let me know :)

Another quick question about the google chrome and using bitcomet with it, is there an add on or app that when I click on a download link (for example a cloudyvideo link) it comes up with the option to download with bitcomet or save to computer like it does on cometbird? I downloaded chrome like you recommended but when I tried to download a cloudyvideo file it didn't give me an option. I really love cometbird and its format - not too keen on chrome as it is different from what I am used to.


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goto: bitcomet Options>integration>install chrome extension

Restart Chrome and it should work, although I've never tested it on that site.

I would recommend more ram memory, windows seven really doesn't start to run efficiently until you get about 4gb

The speed test link you posted had a link that tests your upload speed, or you can use http://Speedtest.net which tests both upload and download speeds.

I'd also recommend defragmenting (defrag) your harddrive, even if windows defrag says it doesn't need it, then immediately increase the size of your virtual memory to 8GB min and 16GB max

  • To defragment your hard disk
    • Open Disk Defragmenter by clicking the Start button . ...
    • Under Current status, select the disk you want to defragment.
    • To determine if the disk needs to be defragmented or not, click Analyze disk. ...
    • Click Defragment disk.

I found you a youtube video showing how to increase virtual memory. The guys accent is a bit annoying but shouldn't be hard to understand.

Set the min to 8192 MB and the max to 16384. This will give you a min of 8GB of virtual memory (equal to the max ram your laptop holds) and a max of 16GB. You could even double these settings if you want, the only downside will be that it will consume harddrive space but make sure you defrag your drive FIRST because we want the virtual memory all in one location, not spread out across the drive.

For now I would also increase bitcomet's disc cache to 100mb and set the option to reduce if the free memory drops below 50mb. When you install more ram memory in your laptop you can increase these settings.

The virtual memory will be a lot slower because harddrives are much slower than ram memory, but at least it will let the system run instead of completely stopping when it runs out of memory. BitComet's harddrive cache will consume Ram, but it will reduce the load on your harddrive considerably which not only increases performance but also reduces wear and tear on the drive.

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  • 4 years later...

Having same issues with bitcommet not responding, and its sure as h*** not hardware issue

Have a 16 core 2700x 4.8ghz processor

32gb ddr4 3200 ram

3 x samsung Evo M.2 drives

and bit commet lags out so badly I cant even end the process, its making my s*** itch

Just keeps saying (not Responding) its been like this for a few months but is getting worse, I reinstalled windows and all my programs needed, nothing starts when I start my pc but bit comet still hangs like a b****

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Something is out of kilter with your settings. You could try any of the following:

set pagefile.sys in Windows to any drive apart from the p[rimary and set it to a max and min value of 32 GB for both (don't let 'windows decide')

check your upload/download speeds - if necessary, back them off and see what happens

In Options > advanced, try setting your cache to a max 4 GB and 1 GB for each connection and that the disk boot service is 'on'. Play with those settings (and take a note when you change one so that you can change it back)

Update your drivers (especially the network one)


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