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Should I keep using Bitcomet?

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I switched from qBittorrent recently due to stall issues, a known issue for that torrent client.

I used Bitcomet yesterday, left the torrent downloading over the night only to find out in the morning that the torrent was stopped. Judging from the progress it stopped in the middle of the night, which is completely unacceptable. Also, when I added a new torrent after that, the first torrent was again stopped.

So, is this another defunct torrent client?

I will see if this happens again this night...

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is this another defunct torrent client?

Hmmm... well, not to the knowledge of millions of world-wide users. Might the problem be on your end, perhaps?

In any case, if you're truly serious about asking for aid, perhaps you should start here. ;)

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Yup, left it running for 5 hours, it was stopped again.

It's like if it detects no computer activity, mouse movement or something, it just stops after a short while. As long as I am doing something on the computer it keeps downloading, well over 5 hours.

Back to deluge I guess.


Just found the log, it says it stopped because of "data error (cyclic redundancy check)".

The drive is a one month old SSD, there are no problems of any kind with other software.


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The torrent finished downloading all the files, then it discarded 12GB and it's now back to 77%


You definitely have a problem with your drive or file system. When the download completes bitcomet rechecks all the data and any pieces that have changed at all even by one bit are discarded as per bittorrent protocol and if any bad pieces are discarded it will revert to an incomplete status and resume download. I'm aware that your trim tests shows the drive as healthy, but that isn't conclusive as many SSDs suffer problems like this and up until a year or two ago I would only consider using an Intel SSD as most of the rest were very unreliable. It's also not a good idea to use an SSD for data storage, not only is it more expensive but when an SSD fails you usually lose all your data and often in a split second compared to a traditional drive that will show signs of problem and usually continue to work for months or even years so you can recover all your data. Ideally the best use for an SSD is for your boot drive, using one that can contain your operating system and all installed software and have 30-50% free space remaining (usually 80gb will suffice), then have a second drive to store your data. I'd also recommend making regular backups of the SSD drive image and storing it on your HDD so you can quickly restore when your SSD fails, and it will fail, it's only a matter of when. SSD technology is designed with a limit on the number of writes before cells begin to fail compared to a HDD that lasts indefinitely, although either technology can fail from things like power surges, design or manufacturing defects, etc.

Since I don't know the answers to any of the questions required to make a support request, or even the make and model of your SSD, I'm limited as to how much I can help you, but I'd recommend installing the latest firmware for the drive and also search their support forum and the internet for similar problems with this specific drive and firmware version.

You may also want to increase your disc cache size. The default size is designed to work on all computers so it's quite conservative. I can't really recommend the best limits for you since I don't have your basic essential info, but in general larger settings greatly reduce the number of read/writes on the drive and may help this problem, but it would be best to solve what's causing it rather than to lighten it's load so the problem will still exist, but not surface because you won't be as heavily using the drive.

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