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Hello everybody!

I have been using BitComet forever but recently encountered the problem of incomplete downloads. I would get 99.9% of the file (movie) and it would not play on ANY player. I'm thorough, so I tried many failed solutions. Quitting was not an option!

I read a post that suggested restarting the download but I could find no 'restart' button - then I had this brilliantly stupid idea!

Beneath the files list on your BitComet client are a series of tabs: Start Page, Comment, Summary, Files, etc. Under the Files tab will be a listing of items in the download which may include a sample.avi or other executable file, a downloaded from.txt file, a tracker file (.nfo) and the full download movie.avi or other executable file.

If the full movie file is showing 99% complete, right-click on it and the pop-up menu will offer you an option to Play File. . . When you choose that option your default [player will play the file with no problem.

I'm sure there are other and probably better options, but his works for me, and I suspect it will work for anyone who is encountering the 99.9% completed problem. I hope you never need this, but if you do. . .

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