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BitComet 1.40 version.

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Ever since I downloaded the BitComet 1.40 version, compatible to Windows 10 two days ago, there's been no movement whatsoever in my download of torrents. I have allowed my firewall settings to allow BitComet. The taskbar at the bottom of my torrent page reads as follows :

1. fbpisakha2 signed in

2. (green light) DHT connected : 1199

3. (yellow light) Blocked :

How can I get it to work again? Please help!!

Thank you.

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More than likely, your listen port is blocked, and that's why you're seeing the yellow circle.

Try reading here for detailed information.

If this doesn't meet your situation, please read this and make sure to provide all of the required information, so that we can better attempt to help you.

*topic moved*

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You might also want to try a torrent that is known to be good. Even with the blocked port it should work, but will be more difficult to obtain connections since no one can reach you, you can only connect if you initiate the connection and their port is open, but it still should work if that is the only problem.

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