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providing full and accurate info is the only way you're going to get this resolved quickly. We could go on for days or weeks asking one question at a time only to find out that you use cellular type of broadband and will never get an open port, or it could be as simple as entering the proper settings in your router, but we can't read minds, but if you don't understand things like what type of internet connection you purchased, or know how to find a model number on a piece of hardware, then you might be better off hiring someone to set it up for you. I've found the best source to get someone to do this is your local college or tech school. Most professors are willing to pass your info onto a hungry student who is qualified and eager to earn some money. This is usually the best route since most companies don't offer help with p2p and would probably bill a large amount to make a house call, but a hungry college student would likely come to you, spend an hour or so getting you all setup and be happy with $50 or so... or you can do some reading and get some free help from members of our forum, but these guys aren't paid to help you so you really should put forth an effort to make this easier for everyone by FULLY answering all questions. You may also want to visit our wiki page and find the article on uPnP port mapping and read it so you understand all the details and terminology.

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