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Many thanx for Trojan.InstallCore.2850


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On the download page only


v1.44 2016.11.11

GUI Bugfix: dialog layout mistake in high-DPI monitor

GUI Bugfix: the columu width of some list not saved properly


You forgot to inform for aliexpress.
My antivirus found Trojan.InstallCore.2850.
My firewall blocked download manager.
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Please research the product your antivirus detects, it's not malware unless it's abused by the publisher. It's a legit tool for bundling apps for optional install, and the proper way for an anti virus to scan would be to look at how it's used and rate the app on if it follows the rules or not, and all of the major Anti Viruses like Kaspersky, Symantec, Mcafee and dozens of others have tested BitComet and find it clean, the few that report installcore as malware have no basis in fact for doing this. What this app does is allows bitcomet to bundle other apps for optional install, all of which can be selected or deselected during install, which is exactly what it's intended to do. 

If a rogue app installed other software without alerting you or giving you the option to decline, then it could be considered malware, but that isn't the case with BitComet.

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Downloaded from your site version 1.44 was tested on https://www.virustotal.com/
(Look here https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/dcba7753016c23580479032857fb1418af14eb74ff6d025cffdf03178f148ee4/analysis/1479882952/)
but at the time of installation appear the file C:\users\<user>\appdata\local\temp\nsta913.tmp\fusion.dll containing the virus



P.S. Byt the way, the antivirus of kaspersky much worse and is more expensive than Dr. WEB.

You can be convinced of it, just download, you'll receive free and completely functional version for a month.

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they told me aliexpress is their partner that may suggest user to install, and they told me any install won't happen if not checked. I heard that one antivirus software give it a yellow light says installcore may install unwanted software(not trojan), I think it is rational.

However, I did received a report last week said it installed something without checked, but when i test, it wont. I am talking with them.

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VBF, I must say I don't like your tone. You are speaking to a member of development here, a team who despite the busy schedules and day jobs which pay their bills, donate time to provide you and other users with this FREE product, and producing this product is their domain, however this community forum is my domain and I will NOT allow it to become a means to attack or insult our development team using ignorance and false information. I do encourage open discussion of such serious topics as this, but you don't seem to even grasp the understanding of the basic terms, such as calling this false positive detection a "virus" and a "trojan" in the same sentence. If in fact there was an actual threat it couldn't be both, a Trojan is very different than a Virus, and your security program incorrectly detected a "trojan", defined as a program that installs without your permission or while claiming to be something different than what it actually does, and there is no evidence or any suggestion (other than yourself) that it contains any type of virus. We've also proven there is no Trojan which you can confirm using the "Total Virus" website which tests BitComet 1.44 using the top 54 anti-virus programs and 100% of them test it as clean (verified just minutes before making this post). 

We also had another member making the same report, he too was rude and declined to have an honest and intelligent conversation so he was removed...  although his topic remains, and if you want to remain part of this community, then I will require you to speak with respect to those providing you with this great (and free) software. Please feel free to ask any questions and research any answers we give you, and feel free to redress any issues you don't agree with based on FACT, not ignorance. The FACT is your security software made a mistake and you are embarrassing yourself by ranting about it. The mature adult thing to do if you get such a detection is to ask politely in our forum, scan it with more apps to get their opinions, and most of all educate yourself as to exactly what your app claims or suspects it found. In this case it is a 100% legit app that is used to offer other software for your consideration, all of which can be easily deselected if not interested. 

As for "Aliexpress", it is a website similar to eBay that sells goods, mostly from Asia and I've purchased many hard to find parts from them and found them reliable and trustworthy, and you don't have to install their app to use their website, but if you do install one of the offered apps it could make the difference between bitcomet continuing development, or stopping completely. They have bills due each month to pay for the costs of running this forum, the LTseed system, CometID servers, and more, and since donations are few, the only viable method to cover the costs is to bundle apps, and as long as InstallCore is used according to the rules, it's 100% legit and not a threat of any kind, and I'm certain if your anti virus re-evaluates BitComet it will agree.  This is really simple, it's not rocket science, a "trojan" is NOT a virus, it's a computer program, and in order to be considered a trojan it has to deceive you as to it's function, or install without notification or a way to opt out, and any of the 54 programs that may have previously detected it as suspect has reclassified it as safe, which proves what I told you in my first reply, so feel free to ask any questions you may have, but any further impolite or sarcastic comments and you will be removed until such time that you can behave as an adult in a civilized manner.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. 

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