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None of the files show any seeds (only peers). It's possible that they are all looking but haven't received any parts (in other words, they don't have anything downloaded either). All you can do is go to the website where you downloaded the torrents and ask for a re-seed.

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sometimes bitcomet can complete these dead torrents and seed them to the rest of the peers by finding the files outside the bitcomet swarm via http/ftp, other torrents with some or all of the same content, emule, or out LTseed network, but several factors must be met for this to happen and with rare or obsolete files, or ones never downloaded by a participating bitcomet peer, then you are limited to only the traditional bittorrent sources.


You can leave them running, make sure you didn,t opt out of LTseed, or install the emule plugin, but if no one can be found that has them, then it's not likely to complete so looking for a different might be your best bet.

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