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I use a USB stick to watch downloaded shows on a Samsung TV.

Up until a few weeks back, if I stopped watching a show half way through and then went back to it at a later date, I had the option of continuing to view from the point where I left off (by means off pressing the blue button on the tv remote). I still get the continue option on older files, but anything that I have downloaded after the last update does not  have this option. (This means having to fast forward to where I left off, and this is painfully slow with my particular tv)

Is there anything I can do in Bitcomet to restore this feature, as I do not think that it is a problem with the tv


Many thanks in advance,





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I doubt it would have anything to do with BitComet as its sole function is to download files. What happens after is up to the player (TV in your case). It could be something in the file itself

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This could be the way the video is encoded, or the firmware of your TV, but as mentioned has nothing to do with BitComet. I'd recommend trying a different video that this worked on in the past, and if it doesn't work now, consult your TV user's manual, or their support forum. 

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