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bitcomet blocked tcp but other torrent downloader open


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Hi guys, my problem is bitcomet was blocked my tcp suddenly. It's was working. Tomorrow, i opened bitComet then that was blocked the port. Then, I download uTorrent, that opened my tcp. All of settings is set up as you publish it. 


1) 1.47 version of BitComet 64bit

2)  Optical Fiber my internet

3) My modem huwaii. HG253s model. I forwarded my port. I have no other telephone etc.

4) No

Also, if you have more than one computer make sure to mention in this case, to which router is every one of them connected.

5) Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit. Firewall closed. I have no Antivirus 

6) No. i don't use.


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Make sure that port 61966 is open in your router and redirects to the computer IP. You may have to set a fixed internal IP number in the lines of 192.168.0.### (where ### is a number between 1 and 255). Set that on the computer along with your DNS settings and, in the router, redirect the poprt to that IP number

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Correct me if I'm wrong but, I think that you have allocated the same port for uTrrent as for BitComet, haven't you?

This can only lead to problems as both clients are going to be "competing" for the same port - each client must have its own/different port number, so you should designate a different one.

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bitcomet couldn't get port number. For this, i downloaded utorrent. uTorrent getting port number. Now, i'm using uTorrent. if i close the uTorrent then open bitComet, nothing is change. I changed ip number to 192.618.1.29 and changed port to 11714 as last screenshot. Nothing changed in bitComet

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I think that some things are getting mixed up here... Your LAN IP address should be where your router recognizes that your computer physically is. This number will not be different from the IP that you're using for uTorrent, since we're assuming that you're using the same computer. The only number that will have to be different will be your port number.

For example: LAN IP for uTorrent 192.618.1.27, port 61996    and    LAN IP for BitComet 192.618.1.27, port 65432

Your computer's IP has to always remain the same, the only thing that you will have to change (BitComet will make an exception rule in your Windows Firewall, but it will not change your router's settings, for you) is the specific port that you want BitComet traffic to always use. What you're actually doing is telling your router "what road"  to use to handle incoming and outgoing BitComet traffic... That's why you must tell it to only use "road" (port) 65432 for BitComet traffic, and a different "road" (port) 61996 for uTorrent traffic.

I hope that I've managed to explain it a little bit better. :)

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