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Proxy settings for Bitcomet

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I've found a rather strange proxy behavior.

Every time I restart BitComet, I'm unable to download torrents, it can sit idle for hours, retrying without a success, until I edit my proxy settings.

Just changing them back and forth immediately spring the program to life.

The proxy I'm using is SOCKS5 (fully socks5h compatible).

BitComet settings are

Proxy type: Socks5

Proxy server: domain name of the proxy server

Proxy port: 1080


Adding or removing "socks=" prefix to the server name does not change the behavior.

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On 1/27/2023 at 8:21 AM, TaraJackson said:

Opera is one of the few browsers that has a built-in VPN. Of course, this VPN has a lot of limitations, but it performs its function. A huge disadvantage is that this VPN only works inside the browser search.

I used to use VPN on my phone to hide my real location. But now I use <link deleted> and I can confidently say that proxies work much better than VPN. Proxies are faster and guarantee a more stable connection. Surfing speed is very important to me.

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