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port detection failed


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my laptop is an alienware 17 and i am running win 8.1 64 bit. i have been using bitcomet for many years. everything was perfect. it was ok and i didnt have to do any port forwarding or anything like that. a few days ago i installed the latest version of bitcomet. it was fine yesterday night. just now i tried it. i got port detection failed and this is what i see  https://ibb.co/eFv62Khttps://ibb.co/nJeS9z is my bitcomet settings. i clicked on try random port. same issue 

my antivirus is kaspersky internet security 2019. an allow rule is already created for bitcomet and i did it long ago. i tried bitcomet with kaspersky disabled. still port detection failed. i tried bitcomet while i am connected to vpn. still port detection failed. i uninstalled and reinstalled and i tried older versions of bitcomet. still port detection failed. i switched off my laptop and my router and i restarted both. still port detection failed

i tested my port number in https://www.grc.com/x/ne.dll?bh0bkyd2. i typed in the port number and i clicked User Specified Custom Port Probe. https://ibb.co/kxaENK is the result

what is happening? why did it suddenly spoil? how do i fix it?


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