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On 11/10/2018 at 11:47 AM, hsheng06 said:

Do you mean, a tracker list? I agree that we have that thing, upgraded constantly. I have made one for my own. Try it, please.

Why would you want to do something like this? If the .torrent that you're trying to download isn't registered with any one of those trackers, all that you're going to end up doing is hammer that particular tracker incessantly... until the tracker gets fed up and bans you.

By adding more trackers that have possibly never even heard of the torrent that you're trying to download, you're just giving BitComet (and yourself) a bad image and that's not appreciated by anyone. It's like phoning an erroneous number and asking for the same person (whom they don't know, at the other end), over and over again. They're going to get fed up and just hang up on you, until they just won't answer the phone at all.

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16 hours ago, hsheng06 said:

Someone happy now? Please do not make it personal or try accusing me of a bad guy who is secretly committing a sabotage task or something ...

What are you talking about?  you asked me to remove it and I did, since it's not your topic I can only remove your post, which I did, but I had to explain why it's missing or the whole thread is botched.

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