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Web Seed Issue and Apology

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First of all I'm sorry for my rude comments which was uncalled for. It did not help my situation.

Second, I'm not gonna pursue this any further. I mean it. But I'm happy to provide inputs if anything is required from my side.

In case @cassie @The UnUsual Suspect @wxhere wanna take a second look


Couple of facts - 

 1. The torrent has no seeds and entirely downloaded from webseeds. I understand the behaviour of web seeds as TUS said, it directly downloads as file instead of piece. So if a piece was already acquired from  BitTorrent peers, and if the piece is part of the file downloaded from web seeds, there will surely be duplicate data downloaded which is wasted. But in this case, the torrent is exclusively downloaded from webseeds due to no seeds/peers.

 2. I tested the behaviour in BC and qBt. In qBt no wastage of data is observed. It is not because qBt did not report it, but the actual downloaded data is equal to the task size.

Please look into the first comment of the below post which might provide some insight




Again, I'm not expecting any replies, neither gonna pursue it any further. Just thought of letting the team know that there may be some issue. Read time for entire thread mentioned above should be about 5 mins. Please read it if possible.


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Please understand bitcomet is not a torrent client that can download webseeds. It's completely different than anything else on the market and it converts web seeds, HTTP links, FTP links and long-term seedlinks into BitTorrent pieces. It does this so the torrent can be completed from many different sources. I can't say why your torrent is having problems.

Your apology is accepted and please enjoy the Forum. If the development team can find a solution I'm sure they will. If you would like to do more investigating try disabling the bitcomet services one at a time and see if you can get the torrent to complete from web seeds alone. 

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