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Google for 'internet speed test', but you should know the rate set by your ISP. Keep in mind though that they will always give the speeds in MegaBITS/Second (mb/s) and not MegaBYTES/Seconds (MB/S), presumably because it looks more impressive.  Remember that 8 bits = one byte, so whatever your ISP claims, divide it by 8. You should also remember that the wording is very carefull put to say that the speed is UP TO x mb/s (bnnot that you are guaranteed that).

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On 8/16/2020 at 3:55 AM, joekor said:

Is this web site can help to adjust the download and upload speed to get the best performance by the the internet provider?


No, that website will explain how to test your REAL (not what your ISP advertises) Internet speed and how to Port-forward your dedicated port , in order to optimize your BitComet 's performance... Just like we do in our Guides and Tutorials section.

I suggest that you read our Guides first, to understand why we recommend allotting 80% of your real internet speed for BitComet and leaving the remaining 20% for using your browser.

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