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bitdefender is saying that bitcomet is accessing malicious website


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i have been using bitcomet for many years and i have never had any issues. i am always downloading bitcomet from www.bitcomet.com

recently i installed bitdefender internet security on my laptop. after that sometimes when i run bitcomet then a popup from bitdefender shows and it says it blocked malicious url from being accessed by bitcomet.exe and the popup shows every 5 sec and then it stops showing. this doesnt always happen when i run bitcomet

also if bitcomet tries to download the setup file for new version then bitdefender is deleting the setup file and it says that it's adware

why are these issues happening? bitcomet should be safe and the issue is that bitdefender is too strict and it's catching false positives and i should add bitcomet to the exclusion of bitdefender. is that ok?

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i think i figured out the issue. when i want to download stuff by using bitcomet then it has to connect to peers to do the download. it looks like some of those peers are marked as malicious so when bitcomet tries to connect to those peers then bitdefender will block that connection. am i right?

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That is more a problem with your anti-virus than with Bitcomet. I have a similar problem downloading zip files from one particular site (Firefox stops auto-downloading from that particular site (they all check out with A/V - it's Firefox that has the problem)

I take it you are downloading from the official site

There is a known problem with some A/V apps in that they block the installation (due to the install package having bundles software) but I haven't come across a download being blocked - but I suppose there's a first time for everything.

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