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They are kept in a hidden folder - C:\Users\<user name>\appdata\Roaming\BitComet. It's possible that there may be a backup file but I doubt it. You may have erased the file by use of a cleaning app or perhaps done a complete uninstall of BC which would have erased the data files.

You could try a data recovery program but, seeing the info is on the system drive, it may have already been overwritten

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I'm terribly sorry for everyone that it was me to blame - the data was there untouched even after I uninstalled 1.65 version and reinstalled 1.85 version. I just didn't set the display column in a right way. Lot of thanks to Mr. Rhubarb for kind reply and help!


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¡Bravo! Menos mal que tenemos nuestro marcianito residente multilingue por aquí. Ja, ja.

Bravo! Thank goodness that we have our resident, multilingual little martian around here. LOL.

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