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when I use Bitcomet, after while that SERVER BUSY messange pop up and said some crap.

only choice I had is 3 button:

Switch to---------->switch to what? after I click it just pop out my START MENU!

Retry-------->such a crap either,nothing happen after I click it.


I am using XP SP1 right now, and not yet upgrade to SP2.

no virus sign, after using kav, TH,ewido etc....nothing find.

no sign for plug-in active X too

computer:( uh.....I don't think that is the matter, but in case....)

AMD 3500+ ath


1G kingston dual


COMCAST cable.

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i have this problem a lot too. it is usually a pop-up that gets screwed up some how. i usually click on the switch to button, and wait a minute or to for the pop-up to display. you may have to hit the switch to button a few times. if all else fails hit ctrl+alt+del and try to close down whatever program isn't responding. if that doesn;t work just restart your computer

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just fyi, if you want a better screen shot which is bigger and the file size isn't big, try this...

- press "Print Screen" (duh!)

- then open up a program like "Paint"

- paste the picture

- then just below the "File Name", make the "Save as type" into JPEG

u will get a good size picture and the file size won't be too big

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This problem has come up many times and I dont think anybody has a real solution.

It's probably caused by some other program on your computer

What antivirus / firewall software do you have on that PC???

What other programs do you run that access the Net??? (AIM, MSN, etc)

Do you have any programs like Netlimiter on the PC???

In Bitcomet what do you have the "Max half open TCP connections" set at???

What do you have the "Socket start interval" set at???

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is 93f outside.....

there is no need to post bigger screen shot for reason,

I am already fix this problem.

the troble is the firewall, sometimes it block the torrent.

and my A8N5X had nForce----->have on-board firewall.

(donno what exactly happen on the problem, but all I know is

after I done this and the pop-up never(yes,NEVER) came back to bother me again,

so it means I fix it?donno, because now report my drive is overheated......Orz)

DIY to fix this pop-OUT nightmare:

just pick the porT SUCH LIKE 18982 OR 19882 etc,(in bit comet)

and to your firewall section, either build-in on windows SP2 or McAfee etc,

use the same port you pick up just now, and let it set as ALLOW all link connet from


after I do this, 3 down load is around 50~80 kb, not bad....

(but new problem is:my Seagate SATA get overheated .....;))

thanks for help.

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