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download wont start...

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this often happens to new users who don't understand how bit torrent works.

Please check to see if the torrent is seeded. (a torrent without seeds will not download)

If the torrent is seeded, then provide more info about this torrent so we can help you further.

If your not sure what these terms mean, then I suggest you start here...



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the downloads do start now...after i left it on for like a full day. but the download speed is very very slow. its usual pace is 2 kb, sometimes going up to 4 kb...and then dropping back down to zero for quite some time. i find this strange. is it suppose to be faster than just 2 kb?? can someone help me find a way to boost the speed?

ab the seeds, there are seeds. matter fact, there are quite a couple. it just wont go fast enough..! ah.


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