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Need for speed!!!


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Hi all,

I have a question, this has been bugging me for the past few days.

I've just got a fast internet connection a few days I don't even know what the h*** it is 0_0 dsl maybe?

Whenever I connect it says '100 mbps' but your internet speed also depends on your modem right??

I read the manual for the modem and it said that it was capable of 8mbps downstream and 1mbps upstream. Shouldn't that be capable of downloading a maximum of 1mb/s ??

I don't know maybe this internet service is cheating me, but if I buy another modem say a 56mbps or 100mbps will that increase my internet speed?

I think the maximum speed I've reached on bitcomet with this internet is around 30~ kb/s 0__0

It's killing me, whenever I have bitcomet on when I'm surfing the web the pages load up as slow as 56k dial up!!

Other than that, is there any possible way to increase this damn internet speed overall??

(Sorry, I'm totally computer illiterate so I'm not sure if I made any sense here)

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Two things, first stop all your p2p and IM programs then do a speed test at DSL reports to see what speed you're really getting.

Now something you needto remember about p2p. The files are coming from other users. You cannot download faster than their upload limit.

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Ok I'll do another test but what I'm saying is, is that for a 100 mbps internet this internet is waaaay too slow!

Even http downloading isn't as fast as I thought it'd be, even using download accelerators. I was just downloading something off flashget and the maximum was like 44 kb/s or something!

So I was wondering if it had anything to do with the modem. Because it said the modem was 8mbps downstream 1mbps upstream etc.

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Here's the link about downloads at 99% http://forums.bitcomet.com/index.php?showt...mp;p=2159

No as for accelerators, most are spyware ridden fakes. The few that are real usually can't do anything because they work by open multiple connections to the server and this is usually blocked by the server. So they're really just a waste of time.

Now, I can't really help you with your connection since you don't even know what it is. Or the speed.

Just use our set up guide for BC, and do not try patching the SP-2 limit in the tcpip.sys file.

What security software are you running? Do you have a router?

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Well I'm running Trend Micro internet security, as for the router, I think it's a router 0___0 well it's a modem for the internet I use to connect to the internet. I looked stuff up, typed my IP address into the browser, did all that stuff like fixing up the ports and stuff and everything but no difference in speed for me as far as Bitcomet goes 0__0.

So I take it that 8mbps/1mbps has nothing to do with it?

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I think you are missunderstanding some of these numbers.

Your computer must have a 100mb/s network card installed, so if you had two computers (lan) or (local area network), you could transfer data at 100mb/s between them.

This has no effect regarding your internet connection, which from what you said is 8mb/s download and 1mb/s upload.

Now, bit torrent protocall does not use the same measurement system, it uses B, or Bytes rather then b or bits.

Since you have 8mb/s download max, that would be equal to 1mB/s, as bit torrent measures it. and your upload would be 1/8 of that.

It is also very likely that you have less then this (I suggest you ask your isp exactly what your max upload and download are, then run a test to see if you are in fact getting this speed).

As for speeding up your transfers using bit torrent, adjusting your max upload speed is a good step to take. I prefer to set my max upload to 80% of its adverage upload (as witnessed running a healthy torrent, not from a speed test).

Please also keep in mind that you can only recieve as fast as peers are sending you the data.

If after setting a max upload you still find browsing too slow, then you can set a max download (although this is not usually necessary.


ps. here is a good link to understanding bit torrent protocall...


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Ok, Trend Micro is good. Just make sure you have BitComet set to allow full incoming & outgoing connections to the net. Plus TCP & UDP access on whatever port you set it for. And yes just because you get a 100mb connection to your modem doesn't mean that's your net speed. Do you know the name of your ISP?

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Using BitComet with your trend micro firewall is no different then any other application, you simply need to allow it incoming and outgoing access.

If you want a guide, you should look at their webpage. This is really something you need to learn how to do, because any program that using the internet will need access through your firewall.

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Why post on somebody else's post instead of opening your own topic?

Especially since your post has nothing to do with the subject of the topic.

And, please be advised, double posting is not condoned on this forum. Posting multiple posts with the same topic won't get you a faster reply.

As for your question, downloading Wii games is no different than any other BitTorrent download. If you don't know how to download with BitComet just check the Guides section of this forum or the Wiki help pages.

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