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Restart problem

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I am a proud user of Bitcomet for one year and a half. A week ago I changed

the type of connection I was using , a 56k dial-up, with a 384kbt/s adsl line (using a simple Sagem adsl USB modem) . For some inexplicable reason sometimes while the bitcomet is active my computer restarts. My computer is an old one, consists of a slot-1 Pentium 3 at 450mhz, a MSI BXMaster motherboard (Intel 440BX chipset), a Guillemot nvidia Riva TNT2 M64 video card, a creative soundblaster pci 128 audio card, a pci speakerphone 56K motorola modem and 192MB RAM memory(100 hz). It is running on Windows ME and I also use for firewall zonealarm version 5.0.590.043. My version of Bitcomet was 0.60 until the first

sudden and inexplicable restart happened (Bitcomet was the only program running). Then I downloaded Bitcomet 0.70 but after a few hours of normal operation while it' s on-line and the Bitcomet is running ( the only program running ) my computer still tends to restart . This has happened lots of times until now while downloading and uploading various files and not a specific one. Other than this my system is in good shape, it is stable and free of other hardware or software problems. When I had the 56k dial-up connection on my computer I had never experienced any problem while using Bitcomet. I have also used a 384 kbt/s for a week a month ago and there was no problem. Then I switched to the dial-up and then again turned to the 384 kbt/s adls line I am using at the moment but from a different internet prvider . The problem appeared with the latter adsl connection. Does anyone have any ideas why is this happening ? I would appreciate help vey much.

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First get rid of Zonealarm, it's very bad for p2p use. If you need a freeware firewall try Kerio Personal Firewall.

After uninstalling Zonealarm run this program, CCleaner, to get rid of the left over files from ZA and any other junk on your computer.

Also, have you logged into your router? Do you know what the MTU is set at? It should be at 1498 if you're using a PPPoE connection like most ADSLs use.

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This smells like a hardware issue, and the obvious candidate is the USB port. IMSMR the support for USB was pretty shaky for ME, and since it's an orphaned OS, I doubt the drivers are being updated any more. Still, you should try for an updated set of USB drivers. Spontaneous reboots generally mean something is misbehaving very badly.

ZA won't help the issue any either.

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I would add that upgrading your operating system to Windows 2000 would be a good step in the right direction. Your system should run this fine, and its will be far more stable then M.E.

Windows NT would also be an option.

You could install windows xp, but xp won't run as smooth on an older system, but it is an option.


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