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about my hard drive...

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just a question about the " disk read " and disk write stats in bitcomet. when first starting bitcomet they are on 0% for about 4-5 minutes and the torrent isnt downloading very fast , then when the percentages go up the torrent acts normally.However the disk write and read stats seem low, they hover around 59-69%.

Is this normal or is my hard drive on the fritz.

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I'm not sure I fully understand your question. As the download progresses, your hard drive reads and writes continiously, as this should just be a readout displaying your read and write stats.

This information would be meaningless to most users, so I'm not sure why you are concerned about the health of your hard drive.

I there is an aspect to your question I'm not understanding, please explain, otherwise if you have a reason to suspect your having hard drive trouble, then one basic test you can run is scandisc.

There are also many more indepth testing software availble from companies like "ontrack", "pctools" and "norton".


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well i have concerns about the condition of the hard drive itself. i have bitcomet installed on a usb external maxtor drive, so everything i download goes straight through my computor to this one. what i am thinking is that over time of constant downloading to this disk has impaired the spin up of the disk. example:

when i first start up a torrent it will just sit there at 0kb/s . i look at the disk read stats and they are at 0% for about 2-3 minutes, then suddenly , the disk "wakes" up and then the download rate will increase. when i compare my disk read and write stats to my download rate you can see they are connected.

do you see what i mean?

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