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BitComet Speed Optimization

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G'day all,

I'm new here, so Greetings! everybody. :D

I have done the speed settings with instructions from "Up to date BitComet Speed Guide" and bitdave's "BitComet Settings Guide".

So far I have done several downloads already and have been getting average download speeds of 17kB/s to 41 kB/s for each completed tasks. Within each tasks speeds could slow to 3 kB/s and the fastest I have seen is 69 kB/s, though the higher speeds were usually momentarily. Generally, I would most of the time see speeds between 10 kB/s to 20+ kB/s.

I have read of bitdave's experience of getting 100+ kB/s download. Is there anyway of optimizing my speed settings?

My settings are as follows:

BitComet Speed Settings

Info -

Broadband connection: ADSL

Broadband connection speed: 1057/290 (test results)

Broadband access via: 2Wire HomePortal 1800HG modem/router

Homenetwork: Sometimes up to 2 notebooks and 2 PCs access broadband

Notebook OS: Windows XP Pro

RAM: 512 MB

Port forwarding: Done

Listen Port: 48***

Current settings:

Global Max Download Rate: No limit

Global Max Upload Rate: 28 kB/s

Using Listen Port: Manually selected

Proxy Type: No Proxy

Max Connections per Task: 150

Connections to keep per task: 100

Global max upload slots: 7

Global min upload slots: Auto

Max half-open TCP connections: 10

Max Disk Cache Size: 150 MB

Shrink Disk Cache if Free Memory Lower than: 50 MB

BitComet 0.70

BitComet Log -

Windows XP ICF Status: Firewall TCP port is opened.[Wireless Network Connection]

Windows XP ICF Status: Firewall UDP port is opened.[Wireless Network Connection]

Windows XP WF Status: TCP port is opened Windows Firewall.

Windows XP WF Status: UDP port is opened Windows Firewall.

Connection Summary (Sample):

Connected Seeds: 7 (Max Possible: 6)

Connected Peers: 84 (Max Possible: 110)

Connecting Peers: 21

Download Rate: 19 KB/s from 18 Peers

Upload Rate: 28 KB/s to 7 Peers

Average Download Rate: 22 KB/s within 07:56:20

Average Upload Rate: 24 KB/s within 07:56:20

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For your connection you should have max connections per task set at most to 80 though I recommend around 50. Then just leave connections to keep set on auto.

(I currently have my max connections per task set at 30 and can still get 100+ KB/s)

Why maintain a huge list of peers when you are only downloading from about 20 of them???

Its better if all your bandwidth is put into a few connections vs. a little bandwidth for tons of connections

Try lowering your Upload cap to 24 and then set the global max upload slots to 6

Upload slots to keep should be set to auto

you should set the max simultaneous download tasks to 2

also set the max half-open tcp connections to 8

These settings should be about the best your can do for your connection

Now it just comes down to the particular torrents that you download.

That sample you posted is not very well seeded and depending on many factors those 84 other peers may have a better connection than you, meaning they get priority and you end up getting only the leftovers of the available bandwidth.

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G'day bitdave,

Thanks for the advice.

I have reset the settings according to your recommendations. There were, though, no discernible increase in the download speed in the last three days. Could the following situation have limited the download for my task:

1) 6 Seeds vs 180 Peers.

2) The torrent I am downloading is a TV series of 26 episodes and I have set to download two episodes each time. Could it be at certain times there were only a few Peers who has the particular episodes I am downloading? Certain times, which I am currently experiencing, I could have 30 Peers connected but receiving only 3 KB/s!

So far best speed I have experienced was a feature movie of about 1.4 GB, downloading it in about 10 hours.

Many thanks again.


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any torrent with six seeds and 180 peers is gonna be slow.

You will also downlload faster if you get all the episodes at once.

With One meg broadband, you could expect to rarely see better then 100kB/s, but only on well seeded torrent (more seeds then peers).


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Yes, with torrents which are exceeding a gig or so, and/or being a public torrent, you tend to get some rather low speeds, exactly in or around the speed range you mentioned. Joining Private Torrent communities will allow you gain much better speeds, but it may be hard.

Another optimization is to only allow 1 torrent to be active at any time (especially when downloading).

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Hi, Soraiya,

Thanks! Roger your advice.

I have recently joined a private group - geotorrents. Don't have what I was looking for. But, they have plenty of Russian titles and international movies with Russian subs.

Guess I've got to look around again.


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