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D?L TUS kvcd

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Thank you for a very comprehensive reply to my questions.

From your reply the .avi file is not what I am looking for. I have deleted that one. I down loaded a TUS kvcd file as you recommended. This is the file: C:\Program Files\BitComet\Downloads\Ken Park 2002 DVDRip kvcd Jamgood(TUS Release). It took 25 hrs 28 minutes to download. The .avi file took 6 hours. I am not sure how much of this is because of my very unreliable Internet connection.

Now that I have the file on my hard drive I can not view it. I can view the TUS sample.mpg file but not the actual movie. Do I need to download any software to view this? And can I then burn to disk?

“If your interested in our tus kvcd movies, send me a pm and I can get you an invite to join our forum”

Please do…………………….thanks


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You're supposed to burn kvcd onto a cd.

I have tried this but the only file Nero will import is the TUS Sample which is 58 seconds long. If I go to the download directory and attempt to open the main film which is 811,739 kb a message appears stating that this is a BIN FILE and my system will not open it (even via the internet option). If I can open this file I am sure I can then burn it. Any suggestions?

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I would be glad to help.

All tus kvcd movies come in .bin/.cue disc images.

One warning, the latest version of nero has a problem burning .bin/.cue.

The "movie.cue" file is an "instruction sheet" that your burning software uses to burn the .bin to a cdr disc.

I prefer to use Alcohol 120% to burn my .bin/.cue discs.

Nero six will do this quite well aswell.

The early nero seven version did as well, but they had many other issues and would often fail burn if anything else was running.

In any case, with kvcd, always burn at the slowest speed you can, and fast burns can cause playback issues in your dvd player.

As for watching the movie on your computer, you can do this, but the picture quality will not be good on a pc (kvcd is designed to display on your tv, via your dvd player)

I have guides prepared for burning our movies, and if you can tell me your full version number, I can provide more assistance.

If you do want to play on your computer, get "vlc player", its free and you should only get it direct from Videolan.org

Your .bin/.cue disc image can also be "mounted" in a virtual cdrom drive (I prefer alcohol 120), then can be played on any media player.

There are countless torrents availble for alcohol, and if you get the corporate version, then no serial number or activation is needed.

I hope you enjoy your movie.


ps. This may have been slow because its an older torrent (not sure). I can tell you that our new releases always download very fast for me.

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Weather burning or mouting remember to select the .cue file. If you don't want to bother with Alcohol 120 then try Imgburn its small faster and free. Its from the same guy who made DVD Decrypter. I have a link in my sig.

Thanks for that m8 :)

I will try it (when time permits) and perhaps recommend it in my support team.

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VLC will open the .bin file directly, and does not require that it be either burned or virtually mounted first. This is great for checking out what you have and deciding if you want to do anything else with it.

This (obviously, I hope) applies to video, and not to other types of disk images such as games or applications.

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Yes kluelos, we're talking about video.

The UnUsual Suspect, Imgburn is slowly taking off. Its the burning part of DVD Decrypter only with a lot of new upgrades. And it burns .nrg as well so it works great with Nero Vision & Recode. It supports 16 major disc images types. The only time I've seen it not be able to burn an image is when it was a compressed Image format like .daa (PowerISO) that's owned/made by a specific program.

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Thanks again for a comprehensive reply. In response to your question "I have guides prepared for burning our movies, and if you can tell me your full version number, I can provide more assistance."

I have Nero Ultra Edition & Nero Digital

Using Imgburn I now have a CD. But my DVD player will recognise it as a VCD but won't play it. Maybe I have burnt it too fast as you mentioned. I chose x8. The guides you refer to above should help me. I am not interested in watching the movie on my PC.

At least now I feel as if I am close to finally watching a movie.


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It might be that your dvd player has issues playing vcd discs.

Here is a good web site for info on its compatibility with types of discs...


Its also very possible that the manufactorer has a firmware update to resolve that issue.

Your nero will burn our kvcd quite well, with either burning rom, or nero express. I will post a guide, just use the slowest speed, and shut down ALL programs during burn. I also recommend you power off modem, or unplug your computer from your network if you are having burn issues.

You might also want to try the disc on a friends dvd player, see if it plays well, so you know which route to take to resolve this issue.

As I mentioned before, you can try to play this disc in windows media player, or any media player if it burnt proper, but it will not give good quality playing on pc.

Here is a guide for burning with nero...

First step is to update your Nero till the last version on Nero 6 or Nero 7.2 and above


Click Cancel

Now click the file tab then prefrences


Click the expert features tab then tick "Enable Disc-at-once CD Overburning" and change the time to 84 mins. Also tick "Enable generation of short lead out" if you have that option


Click ok jobs done winking.gif

Now onto burning bin/cue

Locate the folder where your downloaded KVCD is then right click with your mouse on the cue file and chose "Open With"


Click the browse button and go to the Ahead folder in your program files


Find your Nero.exe and then click "open" on it


All you have to do after that is pick your burn speed, wasnt that hard now was it winking.gif

Also in future when your right click on a cue file the option should be there to open it with Nero so you dont have to go through all that painfully long process again tongue.gif

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I removed the "quote" from your post, as it gets confusing for people to see such a large post repeated.

Please use the fast reply button if you want to make a small statement, or remove the "quoted" text if you want the full editing on your reply.

I often will use only a small portion of the quote if that is what I am replying to.

As for our forum, the link is on my siggy.

I will send you a PM about registering (we have recently switched to invite only) I'm not sure if this is a permnent change or not.


ps. I hope you enjoyed the movies

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