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To block spammers, this forum has suspended new user registration ×
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To block spammers, this forum has suspended new user registration

Welcome from the BitComet Team


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To all new BitComet Members who have registered at our Forum:

Welcome! ;)

As I'm fully aware that no one here really bothers to read everything we type up, I would highly recommend you to read our Forum Rules before posting your first post.

I would imagine that the reason why you have registered at our forum is mainly because you have an issue either our client, or the torrents. So please follow these steps: -

  1. Avoid sending PMs to BitComet Staff seeking for help within our client, or torrent-related issues. Such PMs will be ignored.
  2. Search for your issue by using our Forum's in-built Search Browser, alternatively click the Search at the top-right hand corner of our Forum. Place Keywords in if possible, avoid typing in your whole question.
  3. If the Search ends up with too many results, OR if you cannot find your issue there, please go to our BitComet FAQs
  4. If and only if the step above fails, then post your issue appropriately into either: BitComet General Client Help, OR Torrent Related Questions, OR General Questions (General Questions is reserved for Non-BitComet, & Non-Torrent related problems like PC Hardware, etc).
  5. For any NON-ENGLISH discussions, please head to our International Section
  6. Look around our Forum, and post your issue into the appropriate Sub-Forum. If unsure, just post your question into the closest-related sub-forum. But do not post in Guides

BitComet Team Staff List

If there are any issues that you feel must be dealt privately with, please PM any of our staff by clicking on their name below: -

  • Rnysmile - Manager for developing BitComet client & Beta Releases, main administrator.
  • wxhere - Leader of the BitComet development team.
  • Gavin.Wang - Development and testing of BitComet client & Beta Releases.
  • Lucy26 - Communicating with BitComet development team, administrative services
  • The Unusual Suspect - Administrative Services, Technical Support.
  • kluelos - Technical Support, Moderator.
  • greywizard - Technical Support, Moderator.

Non-English Moderators: - (Do not PM these moderators unless they have expressed that they wish to communicate with you via PM)

  • Cassie - Administration of Non-English forums, Spanish Translation, Moderator.
  • Vasy - Romanian Technical Support and Translation, Technical Support.

Alternate Communication: -

  • For Technical Support and/or bug issues,
    please post in forum

  • For BitComet FORUM-Related issues ONLY i.e. Forgot Password, etc please send an e-mail to:

    . Please allow at least 2-3 working days before we reply back to you. In most cases, we will reply back ASAP.

The rest of our Developers' Team are not named here unless they wish to be named.


BitComet Team.

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Please Note: READ THIS before posting, announcements are being added to some of the sections, with specific requirements of what info is required to assist members.

We are seeing an increasing number of members asking for assistance, but not providing even the most basic of information, such as what version of Bit Comet they are using, what type of internet connection, router, modem, version of windows etc...

This only wastes your time and ours, so provide as much info in your first post, and we will be glad to assist you.

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