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Automatic start of download task


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You should be able to emulate that behaviour with the "maximum download tasks" setting. BC should download up to the number set, then queue the remainder. As each one completes and becomes an upload task, a new download task is started from the queue.

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I like a plugin I had in azureus, I could start many torrents for seeding at night when I was away, and it would run one at a time until it reached its goal, then move to next one.

I however had to scrap azureus when it begun using over 100 megs of ram :o

I like Utorrent too, it is very lean and mean, but doesn't have many options at all, so bit comet seems like the perfect blend between the two (in my opinion)

Now, with all this said, I would also welcome a "seeding queue" so I can let it run one at a time. (running alot at the same time is prob the WORST think most users can do, and your connecting to lots of peers, but only slowing down their torrents.

I really wish this information was better known.


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