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No connection after update. pls help


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hi every1, hope some1 can help me with this problem. ive been using bitcomet for a while now and always recomend it to ppl i knw. ive never had trouble with it until i recently updated to the new 0.71 version.

this is all i see


it connects again for a little bit and then jst goes back to the same thing. im running my net of a router and i got all the ports forwarded correctly.

please some1 help


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This issue almost always indicates a firewall problem. You know that you merely upgraded, but your firewall thinks this is a whole new program, doesn't have any rules for it, so blocks it. Delete your old rule and add a new one, making sure it includes UDP as well as TCP.

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version .70 doesn't have the mentioned problems that .71 and .72 have.

As for the dht not connected, this is normal, as it is only used when needed, and only if you, and at least one peer have it enabled, and the tracker permits it.


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