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Bitcomet, Zonealarm, and Westell 6100


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I'm running BitComet version .60.

I have Zonealarm Pro running and I have a Westell 6100 router/modem.

I've been getting some really erratic problems recently.

After about 10 minutes of downloading a torrent on Bitcomet, I get disconnected from the internet.

I remember reading about some kind of compatability issue regarding Westell 6100 and Zonealarm Pro but I can't remember what it was.

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I'm not sure concerning this issue, but there are others here that could help you better regarding this.

I just wanted to ask that you not use versions .59 and .60, as they have a problem regarding private trackers that has hurt bit comets reputation.

I suggest you get the latest STABLE release, which is .70.

The newer versions have some bugs that need to be worked out, but you should be pleased with this version.

Thank you,


ps. there is a problem with older versions regarding Windows XP sp2, the newer versions have a patch to work around this.

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ZoneAlarm is not well liked, and seems to have a lot of problems with a lot of different hardware and software. It has no corresponding virtues. It will continue to interfere even when supposedly disabled, so you have to uninstall it to get it to quit.

You have a firmware firewall in the router. That's really all you need in the way of a firewall. People who run multiple firewalls usually get them to fall over each other.

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