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Bitcomet shuts down Internet Connection


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Hello. I just joined this forum to in purposed to ask this question :lol: .

I have two computers and they are hooked up by a router. I used to have a Linksy one, it worked perfectly fine. But I have just recently switched to a Belkin one, again, I opened up ports in the setting, it still works, but in about every 20 minutes, the Internet Connection will be somehow DOWN... It doesn't come back up unless I unplug my little black DSL box and plug it back in...

I also use eMule with opening ports, no problem at all.

Anyone got any ideas? Thanks all!

Oh, I have not yet test it with Bittorent.


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I have the same problem. This doesnt happen for me all the time but it happens "most" of the time. I start downloading a torrent and I leave my comp on for the rest of the day, than i come back home and I noticed my net connection is not working. I also have to plug my cable out and back in to make it start again. This problem is very frustrating.

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I dont use DSL. Uh ya D-Link.........gameing mode, dmz.....should I get Bill Gates....-.-....<---(sarcasm, just telling you if you dont get it)

Anyway I think I have to do something with the BITCOmet Preference thing. Mind helping me cause I'm getting my a** screamed at because of this problem and the people I live with are 1'st generation OLD PEOPLE who dont know s*** of today's gen.

So Like if you can help me with this problem more personally, then I would greatly appreciate it.

Sorry for my rudeness , but I'm trying to calm myself down.

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weird, i've got this same exact problem. i've been downloading torrents all day really rapidly. i shut it off so i could browse the internet without a slowdown, then i tried to download some torrents and it completely disconnected me from the internet. i don't use a router, i got right through and my isp is SBC. i've never had any trouble with ports, in fact i don't even bother with that cause my torrents usually do just fine when i don't bother with them. anyone got any ideas how to fix this?

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Yea i have this same issue as well. For me, i cant surf net (IE or Firefox) after i start my Bitcomet (0.70)'s downloads. Funny thing is my MSNM and torrents activities are not affected by this 'disconnection'! Dunno if you guys above have the same symptoms?

This only happened recently after i format and install windows xp pro sp2 (all patching done). heard abt the limit of half opened tcp/ip connections on sp2 so i did tcpip.sys thingie.. suspect this as well so i had set it back to 10 but the disconnection continues! Getting pretty frusrated with this... any help is much appreiciated!

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Who are we talking to, and how many different problems do we have here?

I do hope it's just extremely obvious that if you can connect to MSN, you are *not* "disconnected from the net and the problem is something else entirely. What, we don't know, since we haven't been told.

Suppose you guys stay in separate threads rather than all crowding into one. You have "the same problem". You have the same router? No? Then it's likely a different problem.

As a general rule, go through the settings guide. Pay particular attention to capping upload speeds, and anything that looks like a network setting.

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Yes, it is definately a different problem if you guys have different router than I have! So stay away from my thread! muhahaha....

So now, kluelos, we really are not looking for general rules here, we are looking specific solution based on the specific problem I have, which the Bitcomet really seems to shut down the connection once in a while. Again, I'm really sure about this. And apparently, the only solution is to unplug and replug the power of my DSL box.

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Some routers seem to overload and reset if there are too many connections, so you may want to lower your max connections. I don't know how many to advise with your router, as I have never used one, but I suggest you write down your setting, then reduce setting a lot, then if it resolves the problem, you can increase till you get max benefit without causing overload.

Another thing you mentioned is you can unplug/plugin your modem and it works again. If your modem is separate from your router, then this could be a problem with your connection, in which your isp will need to repair. This is very easy for them to test, just give tech support a call and tell them you have to regularly reboot your modem, they will ping it and know how good your connection is.

It would also be a good idea to update your firmware.

I'm sorry I can't be more specific, but I have no information specific to your router.


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not using a router.

It doesnt shut down my cable but like It, the internet just stops working. On my cable modem all lights are on but when I try to go on a website or AIM, MSN, anything that is used for the net, doesnt work. I have to turn off my computer and CABLE and reconnect it, then everything works again, until I turn back BitComet on.

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My DSL connection does the same thing...

I just figured it was verizons way of saying "we hate bittorrent".

I had to manually turn off my modem and turn it back on to get it working again when it crashed out.

I got it to work fine with the fallowing:

- A proxy for the tracker requests.

- Turning on the "Encryption" setting.

- Going off a different DNS then my ISP's.

I dont know which one of those made it start working, but i would try the encryption on BT first.

(settings -> Advanced -> connection -> "Protocol Encryption")

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These things only apply if your connection completely drops (no browsing, no AIM/MSN, no p2p):


First try the suggestions in the link, if none of those help then here are some other problem areas:

1) If using DSL then you might need to adjust your MTU rate to less than 1492 (I have SBC and mine is set at 1472)

--if using a router then set the MTU in the router

--if using a modem then set it in XP, see here

2) There could be RF noise on your line causing the dropped connection (physical line problems, older microwaves near modem, ungrounded dimmer switches, etc)

--call your ISP and they can test your line for packet loss or other problems

--move your modem away from microwaves and see if messing with dimmer switches causes the drop

3) Your ISP could be dropping your IP lease if they detect p2p traffic :(

--try the suggestions of the previous poster

--get a new ISP or call and complain that you're having problems downloading the latest Linux distribution or other legitimate downloads like some anime or stuff from Here

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Certain types of cordless telephone use the same frequencies as some wireless routers, so this can be a big issue too -- especially if the problem seems intermittent, and you finally notice it only happens when someone's using the cordless phone.


IF the issue is that other internet programs don't work or work slowly while bittorrent is running, this usually means that you need to cap bittorrent's upload speed because it's crowding them out and maybe even interfering with itself. See the settings guide for instructions on capping upload speed.

This is an entirely different problem, though, from having modem or router indicators going out.

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