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Help for malaysian streamyx no speed for p2p & torrent

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Dear Malaysians,

BitComet really dying nowadays......2 weeks ago...my speed is OK....but recently the speed sux!!! only 0,1 or 2 K!!!!I'm using streamyx 512kbps in Miri. How about everyone of u? I heard from my sister in KL, the speed is OK.....so wat happen actually???TMnuts limited the bandwidth..how true is this??? I test using the speedometer and try http download, the speed is OK....

Hikkikomuri was right, we pay for the bandwidth...they should provide us the service....i always call their customer service centre n screw them.....service maintenance always take weeks!!!i ask for discount....they ask me write in...sux....

If they really limited the bandwidth, i had one suggestion for those subscriber using TM net modem, try damage their modem (by watever way) and ask them to replace!!!! After replace damage it again!!!If everyone of us do this way sure they will b very very busy!!!!

Anyway, please do reply me as I'm waiting weeks for the speed to get better....

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I would suggest that you ask someone (IT guy) to help, preferably someone in your living area. Your problem sounds serious because it should not be bad for 2 weeks.

Are you sure it is not torrent specific issue? Are all the torrents experience slowness? Are there may peers connected to you?


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I really duno y...when download using http the speed is normal...only bitcomet!!! Peers connected not much...but even a lot..more than 20 the speed is also slow....I ask my sis in KL to dl using the same seed and at the same time, she can get 20+KBps but mine.....0, 1 K!!!Please someone help.....Is is true TMnut block up the thing??

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