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Slow download speeds

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i have somewhat the same problem as you. my speed used to go up to 200 before my com crashed. now after reformating it only reaches 60 max. my connection is 1.5mbps. i have tried changing my max uploa rate but is doesnt really affect the d/l spd.

with 1.5mb/s it would be extremely rare to get 200kB/s download, as that would be your max bandwidth.

With bit torrent protocall, you get what you give, so the idea is to set your upload as high as possible, but not so high as it slows your comunications. Generally speaking, about 80% of your max possible upload seems to work best.

with 1.5meg download, I would assume you have either 256kb/s or at most 512kb/s upload speed, so your current download speed of (60kB/s or 480kb/s) is about what you should be getting.

You will from time to time find torrents that are extremely well seeded and get speeds nearing your max download, but on adverage your download speed will be set by what you are able to upload.


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If you hadnt changed any settings etc and speeds suddenly drop while your normal web surfing/downloads are fine then its probably your isp throttling p2p. Like my isp recently started doing so and nothing could get pass the shaping even with protocol encryption except full vpn or ssh tunnelling. So you might wanna check that too.

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