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New at this torrent thing


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I have no clue what it is and what it does. I figured out that I can download movies with a torrent client so I picked one ergo Bitcomet. Now that I have it, I found a site that has the movie Dead Man's Chest and I THINK I am downloading the movie. There's a bunch of numbers and info that I don't understand.

I use to download from a peer2peer website but the movie I got was so crappy. But I could down load it real fast. This movie that I am downloading now looks like it's going to take 99 hours????? Is that right?

I am clueless on the computer. I have a windows 98 with 4 gb. It has been dropped, kicked, coffee spilled on and it's still running hard as a rock. I realize I don't have a lot of room so it could be that this Bitcomet and Torrent thing won't work for me.

What's a torrent? What's a peer? What's a leecher? What's a seed?

I can guess at everything but I am very lost at reading directions, although I did read about posting in the members site first.

Any help to a computer nongeek would be greatly appreciated.

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Please read the "new to bit torrent" post in our guides section.

We have begun to provide it in various languages as well.

Here is a very good link to explain as much, or as little as you would like to know...


after you have spent some time reading up, then you can perhaps "fine tune" which parts you don't understand, as its not practicle to fully answer all your questions in a forum post.


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