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Can we download the file without any seeder?

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May I ask if it is possible for me to download a file without seeder?

There are currently 5 peers, including me downloading an anime OST of 56MB in file size.

(This file should be no longer available in the Internet, it is priceless now!)

Initially there were 12 peers totally, but because of the fact that

there were no seeders, so seven of the peers then went away.

I have only downloaded 500KB over the last 12 days. :blink:

I guessed we may have to take a year or even a longer period to

have this file completely downloaded!

Any suggestions to us?

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it will ONLY complete if a SEEDER returns.

Here are a couple options, keep it running and hope someone notices and seeds it.


Visit the trackers website and post a request for a reseed.

I recommend you only attempt to download a torrent that has no seeders if there is no other way to get it.

Also take note that some newly listed torrents may not show any seeders if the author is using "Superseed" option. This is a special method of seeding that is designed for starting torrents with only one seed. The idea is that all peers will complete at about the same time, so as soon as they reach 100% the author can drop it and start another.


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ehhhh, that's ALMOST always true...

Observe the property called "health", listed for the torrent. This number indicates how many copies exist, in the aggregate, among all the members of the swarm.

Expressed another way, if you have one third of the file, I have a different third, and the remaining third is present but split between two other people, then between all five of us, we have one complete copy of the contents. This torrent will show a health of 100%, or 1.0.

In time, as we all swap pieces among ourselves, we'll all end up with complete copies -- assuming nobody leaves after they complete, taking a necessary piece with them.

No seeders AND health below 100%, you'd best try to encourage a seeder to return or give up on that torrent.

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