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Remote Adding Torrents

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Just like Azurus can do with a plugin it would be great if BitComet added a feature where you can login anywhere to add and manage BitComet on your pc at home.

So you can at college (when checking mail) add a torrent at home. When you come home after a day of school your torrent is finished and can enjoy it!

Would be uber great!

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That is a nice feature to have.

uTorrent has it also now.

I know...

But in combination with bitcomet acclelerator I get the fastest results with bitcomet. So I stick with it! :) So wI want it in BitComet :D i wanna i wanna i wanna ;)

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bitcomet acclelerator doesn't actually do anything. None of the "patches" for BC do. For speed it comes down to client configuration and your connection.

I get the same speeds with µTorrent as I do BitComet. I find that funny because I've fine turned BC's settings more than I have µTorrents.

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Yes I agree, we'll look forward to implementing this feature into our coming BitComt releases.

Though, after a little bit of research into the Azureus remote-control plug-in, I've found that some users tend to encounter trouble with this integration, and they end up VNCing i.e creating virtual networks, and controlling their torrent client from there on. But still, we'll look into this feature abit more closely.

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