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dht on dhcp


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bitcomet [0.70] always shows my dht status as Not Connected. i dont use any router. i connect to the internet with only NIC. i dont use any software firewall and im using win xp sp2. my isp is using dhcp. dht is enabled in preference with no luck. [everthing in the preference is in default settings]

:( need help pls.

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You should at least be using the Windows Firewall!

Read though our settings guide to configure BC.

i checked da speed n settings guide and configured accordingly but still have some question.

my download speed never goes beyond 2KB. mostly in 0-1KB range. ever for 70+ seeds. my all peers r local or Nat.

is this normal download speed for having local/Nat peers. as opposed to Remote?

does is affect download speed 4 not having remote peers ?

my listen port dont work as my isp blocks almost (xcept some like 57,80,443,8080 & i tried these wit no luck) all port [tcp n udp]. i have a private ip like 192.168.x.x. websites get my ip as 20x.x.x.x. does this mean i cant use a listen port ??

how significant is the impact of not having listen port does this explain my slow 1KB dload rate???

my internet speed is slow. is there any lower limit on bandwidth below which bittorrent is not speedy/efficient?

note:i dont speak english. n sorry 4 any inconvenience. :(

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Your IP address is in the range reserved for private subnets. That means that you are behind a router which you do not control. It has a firewall which blocks almost all ports, as you're discovering, including your listen port.

That means, unfortunately, that your download speed probably will be very slow, and there's not much you can do about that.

You will need to find out whose router it is. If you live in an apartment or dormitory that is providing internet service, then it is probably their router, and not the ISP's. You might be able to persuade or nag them into configuring it correctly for you, with a static IP and an open TCP/UDP port on that IP which will be your listen port. If it's your ISP's router, you'll need to complain both to and about them, and try to change ISP's if they won't budge.

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