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Tracker Reture Zero Length Response


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I don't know why this happens. I have tried other clients with same torrent files. And everything works well. When I updated to .70 version I found out that I seem to suddendly get very poor download rates. Yes, it seemd like client 2 client connections were failing for some unknown reason.

After that I updated to .71 and since that I have always received same error with BitComet. BitTorrent, BitTornado and others work fine.


I can't figure out what's behind that problem. I don't have any tcp / udp traffic filtering or anything other that I would expect to cause that problem.

I asked about this issue in trackers forums, and they didn't like it. It's always hard to solve problems. Because no body want's to take the blame.

Yes, I know. Other trackers work fine with BitComet. So they do with my computer / network & installation too.

Any comments? ;)

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I'm not sure what is causing this tracker to return the error you state, but I strongly recommend you not use version .71.

.70 is our latest stable version. that version was a complete overhaul of the client, and has caused many people major problems, which is the reason for the quick release of versions 72-73-74 and now .75.

If you want to use the new client, then try .75, but until we have a stable version, we are only able to support the current client (version .70)


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Unfortunately im also getting the same error with BitComet v0.75.

Previously i was using BitComet 0.68 and never had this error.

Im going to go back to v0.68 for now until this is rectified.

So far this error only occurs on the private trackers (which im a registered user) and require a passkey to download.

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It's really not a good idea to plop a new question at the bottom of somebody else's ancient thread like that. You're better off, and it's a lot less confusing for us, if you start a new thread of your own rather than re-open one long closed.

His problem was that MVGroup changed its tracker and had a new url for it. That's probably not your problem, so it's completely unrelated.

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