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2 problems


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ok so first problem is with rome total war. i finnally downloaded it and burned onto 3 discs a b and c. anyways i got them to install the game and i clicked play and it says please insert the correct dvd rom. i tryed all 3 cds and none of them work. what should i do cause i have blank dvd's.

also with star wars empire at war i installed it after mounting the one image with deamon tools

anyways i click play and it says

Please remove disc from current CD/DVD drive and insert the original "SWEAW" disc

in drive D:.

what should i do burn the image to a dvd? cause its like 2. something gigs the other image was like only 20 kb i didnt mount or do anything with it it was labeled the same as the 2 gig one o and the install directions say

1.)mount in DT4, use Curerom to get around lame


2.) Install and Play. Use Serial: fc4c-3d8-05f-d411-uk20

3.) Have fun :)

i did everything except the cureROM thing which i found out was a blacklisting thing so i didnt think i needed it cause i dont know what black listing is.

those are my problems

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If you want to engage in game piracy, quite a lot more snap and native intelligence is pretty much expected of you. Things like "I didn't know/like CureRom so I didn't bother" will pretty much doom your piracy career before you even start. (You don't know what you're doing, but you're substituting your unqualified judgment for the qualified judgment of someone who does. This is not a good habit to develop.)

My suggestion is that you buy the regular retail versions of the games. If you don't want to do that, you'll need to develop a much stronger sense of information-seeking. Here, for example, you will not only need to use CureRom, but to acquire it, to understand it and to install it. You will need to learn to routinely and actually read files named "ReadMe", and understand them or use Google to find explanations until you do understand them. Nobody is going to hand this to you on a plate, you will have to actively go and find out, search, read, learn. You will need to know quite a little bit about your computer and how it works.

Again, if you don't want to do all that, your best option is to stick with buying regular retail versions.

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Kluelos does have a point here, since when you asked the same question abut curerom, but spelled it two different ways, I told you that normally I would search in google, but said I would leave that upto you, since I don't know the correct spelling.

I suggest you follow that advice, search it on google. Then install it, learn what it does, and how it works.

You will then be able to help others, or at least show you have made an attempt to understand something before asking questions


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