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Speed issues and file completion


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Am after a bit of help with bitcomet 7.0

Think I have set everything up properly but don't seem to be getting the speeds I should on well seeded torrents

Problem 1

Followed the setup guides, and seem to have everything working inc port forwarding etc but the most I can seem to get is 35ishKB/s Down running one torrent at a time.

my line speed is 1152kbps down 288 kbps up, so have worked this out to be approx 140KB/s down 32 KB/s up

Have taken advise of the guides and set my up rate to 25KB/s (80%) and have set max global connections to 200 (my router seems to have issues at around 250 but fine under that)

Not sure what else I can do to improve it

Prob 2

I have been trying to download a 33Gig torrent so rather than wait for it to complete, as it contains multiple files (episodes), I have been banning later files and downloading blocks of 10 so I can download complete eposodes and watch them, once the 10 are nearly finished, I then start the next 10 off and so on.

Once the 10 are finished, I leave them on normal, so I am still seeding them but I find that when I start the next set of 10, some of the files that were at 1005 change to 99.1% or similar (see below

file1 100% Normal

file2 95.1% Normal

file3 100% Normal

file4 - Banned

file5 - Banned

file1 100% Normal

file2 95.1% Normal

file3 99.1% Normal

file4 0% Normal

file5 0% Normal

If I stop the download and open the download directory file3 will run properly, but then if I start BT it will continue to read and write on that file until it reaches 100, then stay on read and write (not read only) until I stop and start the torrent again

Also find that if I dont allow the .bci extension, the file will not stop automatically at 100% and still shows as read & write.

If anyone has any ideas on either, would be very grateful for any help,

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Problem one is going to be dependant on the torrent you are running. Your download will reflect your upload speed. You will only get optimal speeds on very well seeded torrents.

Here is one you can try...


download one of their torrents, this should give you an idea of what your capable of downloading.

Problem two is not really a problem with your client, nor the torrents, but a problem with the way you are using them.

Since you are modifying the way the torrent works, you are creating this issue.

Lets assume you have a torrent with two files, and you select only one. When all the pieces are downloaded (lets say there are 100 pieces you need), several of this pieces contain parts of file number two, but the data that belongs in file two are deleted because you didn't option to download them.

Then you change the settings of the torrent during download, and since those pieces are no longer complete, they need to be redownloaded.

As long as you change your selected files during download, you are going to have this issue. My advice is NOT to do this.

The best thing to do is select what you want, and be done with it. If you prefer to do large torrents like this, then copy the completed files to a different location before changing settings. However, you will end up spending much more time and bandwidth to do it this way.

I will also add that if you want to view the first file in the set, that you set its priority highest, and NEVER deselect files during download, or they will be lost.


ps. It is very refreshing to see a member posting enough information so we can advise them. You have no idea how many people post questions like "It's not working, what should I do?"

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Thanks for all the info,

Tried the link you suggested, and after letting it run for 5-10 mins, saw it top out at 56Kbs, which is better than I was getting, so it shows the difference a quality torrent makes.

Still well below my potential 140Kbs though, but will play around with the settings when I have 5 mins and use this torrent as a bench to test the changes. (realise I wont see 140K, but if I can edge it towards the 100K mark I would be more than happy.)

Guess it I will always be a bit limited in view of the terrible ratio i have between up and down on my line capacity.

As far as the second issue goes, makes sence once its explained, figured I was being inventive, but I was working on the assumption that for torrents with multiple files, the parts of each file would be self contained. Will make better use of the option to prioritise individual files within the download rather than banning in future.


Thanks for the comments, was a bit nervous posting anything with 'speed issues' in the title after looking around various boards for inspiration.

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I can understand why someone would expect the pieces to not contain more then parts of one file, but since bit torrent protocall orignally didn't allow selecting files, rather it was something that was added later by a select few bit torrent clients.

It is a very handy options, but we are getting a lot of users that "deselect" files that are half done, then assuming then can reselect them later :o

Big mistake


ps. I would like to see a warning pop up when people disable files in a torrent

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It is a very handy options, but we are getting a lot of users that "deselect" files that are half done, then assuming then can reselect them later

That'd be me then!

I did find if you deselect part downloaded files in a torrent, you can get away with it if you reselect them before the torrent stops.

If the torrent does finish though its not a complete disaster. if you reselect the files after the torrent has stopped they will show as 0%, but if you then do a manual hash check, and restart again afterwards , you can recover the situation (might lose a % or so of what you had already downloaded but its not as bad as starting from scratch.)

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What if there are peers and seeds and every time it starts to download (at 85.2% has done) and it shows a message: "stopped (error: access is denied)???

Please don't ask the same question more than once. You should also make your own topic as it's not polite to interrupt another members discussion to ask for help with an unrelated problem.

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