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Old newbee trying to get his head around this


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Please can anyone recoment an article I can read to explain the various terms used.

eg...what do the two opposing arrows pointing left and right and coloured blue signify on the transfer page?

what does it mean when someone says they return the .torrent after they have downloaded it?

what is the best practice to do after downloading I have been deleteing the task but I wish to contribute as well as to take what is the best way to do this.

Although Ive been around computers through my work this is my first venture into forums and broadband and downloading so I hope you will forgive if these seem stupid questions All help would be most appriciated.

regards Invadar

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First go here:


It's where the How-To's and Guides' Section is.

Try starting with this one:


It's for first-time users.

Once you've done that, you should continue reading through any/all of the other 'Pinned' topics, including the FAQs.

Good luck and don't despair :)

cassie :)

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Hi Invader,

Here is a good link to help understand bit torrent protocall...


Although it would be best you set some time aside and do some reading before asking questions, since you will understand which parts you Don't understand better, I will offer a brief answer to your question.

Bit torrent downloading is often referred to as being "free", but this is only half true.

It's true that there is no monetary cost to use torrents, but you are expected to join in, and do your part of sharing. This is called "Seeding". Once your download is finished, you will begin seeding (providing to others that are downloading).

The basic rule is continue seeding until you have reached a ratio of 1.0 or higher.

To stop before this point is comparable to steeling. Bit torrent cannot work unless each person does their part. Here is how I determine.

Any file I download will get seeded to at least 1.0 (unless it is bad, infected with virus, or spyware).

Any file I really like, I will run to 2.0

Many movies from my release group I let run every night, some as high as 60.0, most at least 3.0

I also use common sense, torrents that are low on seeders will get more from me, then torrents that have lots of seeders.

Most of us don't use our internet connection while we sleep, or are away at work/school/vacation, so this is the perfect time to seed.


ps. One more Important thing. Most users should only run ONE torrent at a time, so unless you have a really fast connection, you will be dividing your upload amoung many users, and providing very little to any of them. This is the biggest cause of slow torrents, so please refrain from doing this.

I would also recommend you go through our settins guides throughly.

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