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What does CD1 and CD2 stand for?


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I am very new at this and I find after a long download I cannot get Windows Media Player to show the downloaded item. Apparently I need to do something about the fact that it is compressed with rar but I dont know what that something is. Windows Media Player says one of the reasons is that I should get a "newsreader" but then why does Bitcomet offer it if I should have downloaded it with a newsreader? I would be very grateful for any help on this. Thanks, Figaro :blink:

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Please note (right above your post) the following message:

This forum is reserved ONLY for BitComet, PC, & Speed Guides. Do NOT POST Questions within this Forum, it is only reserved for submission of USER GUIDES.

Since this post is out of place, here, it is being moved.


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CD1 and CD2 mean the folders contain files designed to burn to two separate CDrom discs.

for file.rar, download "WinRar", you can get a free trial version direct from RarLabs (google or any search engine will find it for you).

As for asking why bitcomet downloads it, Bit Comet is a bit torrent client, its job is to download what YOU tell it to, and YOU selected these files. If they are not what you wanted, then you can really only blame your self.


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