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Hitman - Blood Money stuck at 99.1%


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Let me see if I understand you correctly: You are trying to download a file that is (approximately) 160 MB, but you're stuck at 99.1% after 3 hours of downloading?

If your question is regarding the 'stuck' percentage:

If you look in the Peers option, are there any other peers that show more than 99.1%? Are there any seeds present?

If your question is regarding the speed:

What is your UL rate?

Could you provide a little bit more information?


cassie :)

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It is important to provide as much info as possible, so we don't have to "guess" or "assume" what might be your problem.

Since I have no choice, I will "assume" you have a router, since this is the most common cause of this problem.

I suggest you try turning off "gaming mode" in your router setup, or if there is not such setting, try bypassing your router, and connecting direct to your modem.

Since some modems will "rewrite" external IP addresses to match internal (lan) IP addresses, then in some cases, when the data (strictly by chance) exactly matches your IP address, your router will alter that piece/s of data, which will make them fail hash check, and be discarded.

Read more here...


If you do not have a router, then you will now see why its annoying for us when people don't post any basic info, as I just wasted much of my valuable time.


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