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hello, i'm in need of help with my bitcomet


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My download speed is now stucked at 0 kb/s although the arrow is green which means its downloading. Any clue whats the problem here ... ?

( sorry if this is a stupid question, i'm a newbie )

 EDIT: If you provide a screenshot of your client, or at least provide a listing of how many seeds/peers, we could tell you if the problem was with your torrent (meaning find a new one), or something wrong with your system, config, etc...   Suspect 

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Seeing as you're new, I'll suggest the following, when posting a question (of course, we will assume that you've already gone through the Guides and How-To's sections first ;) ):

Provide as much information as possible: which version you're using, your O/S, router/modem, firewall, antivirus, etc.

Without this vital information, it becomes a guessing game for our Tech Support staff, to offer some help.

cassie :)

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oh okay, I'm currently using a WRT54G linksys router, my operating system is Windows XP with Service Pack 2, My Bitcomet is version 0.76 and I don't have any firewall or antivirus installed.

Thanks in advance, in need of help.

Hi, Since your the only member in this post to provide some basic info, I can really only address your concerns.

First of all, We have a very through settings guide that will walk you through the setup of your client for optimal speed.

Since you are using a router, you will want to set static IP addresses for all computers on your LAN, then forward your listening port in your router. These steps are made very easy with step by step guides with pictures, at Portforward.com

You will then want to test your listening port at canyouseeme.org. Any result other the "open" means either you did something wrong, or something is blocking your port.

You will then want to test your client with a known GOOD torrent, I recommend one of these...


Now, Regarding your version of Bit Comet. Our download page clearly lists version .70 as the latest STABLE version. Many thousands of people are using version .76 without issue, but for problems that are still in development, some people are have serious problems. Feel free to use it if its working for you, but if you continue to have problems, then please download a stable version. (Do NOT use versions .71-.75)

Please do as I suggested and report


Suspect (bit comet support)

ps. all this information is posted in our guides, and elsewhere in the forum.

murdoc24, the following is NOT directed towards you in any way...

NOTE: to other members posting in this topic, our tech support team replys first to members that make an attempt to provide at least a basic report of what their problem is. Then when time allows, we will reply to the members who don't bother to provide any info, simply to tell them to provide more info. Then if they do, their post will be a priority. Please understand, we are all professionals that donate our time here, and its not our job to ask you to identify whay kind of system, internet connection, bit comet version you have, this should be common sense. You are using a FREE program, and getting FREE support, show some gratitude, and some common sense. If you don't know that we might need to know what your computer is plugged into, then perhaps you should be just buying the data your trying to download (no offense intended). Here is a good analogy, would you go into a free health care clinic, and yell at a doctor that your not better yet, before you even tell him what is wrong with you, or even your age, sex, medical history? Please don't bite the hand that feeds. I am now going to clean up this post, by deleting replys that really don't belong here, so if you didn't provide any details, and your post is gone, then now you know what to do, so go make a new topic, and included as much info as possible. 

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