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My torrents cant be used onced downloaded


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I downloaded a torrent last night for this game called "Populous: The Beginning"

I have all the neccessary requirements to play the game, as well as the "no CD" patch to play it.

I woke up this morning to check on the download, and its done at 100%, but i dont know how to open it...

I downloaded the torrent from a site before I dragged and dropped it from my desktop into my bitcomet window.

My ISP is WCTEL I have windows XP and DSL.

Please any advice/assistance wouyld be greatly appreciated I've been trying to play this game FOREVER and am about ready to GIVE UP.

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Once the download is complete, BitComet has done its job. This forum is for questions regarding the BitComet client. There is another forum for general questions, so you might want to pay some attention to where you are posting, and ask this question in that forum.

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