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Changing or removing Region codes on DVD

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We have had a lot of inquires about changing region codes on dvds.

This is very easy to do using dvd shrink, which is a free program. Use google to find it, if you don't have it already.

Open the dvd disc, image file, or "raw" dvd files in dvd shrink.

After it analyzes the files, click "Backup", then when the menu opens, select the "region" tab, and you can select any region you want, or better yet, select to make it region free, so it will play in any dvd player.


now continue to burn your disc, or save it as an image file.

Suspect (tus support team)

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Wow it's that easy :unsure: man i was taking the file and turning it into a avi file then changing it it would take massive space & time many thanks for the info :rolleyes:

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Thank you.


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