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I want to contribute mp3 but... HOW?


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Hello ev'rybloody,

I collect audio CD but am not very familiar with changing the music into mp3 format. But I adore listening to while driving. Therefore I need "security copy" of my albums as MP3. I once had a friend who did this process for me but left some time ago and I still want to get some albums as mp3 files. (I mean no piracy as it's records that one owns and just wants to have them burnt in another format, I guess this the case for most of torrent users, huh? ;)

For people like me, who do not know how to create MP3 but want to get security copies that by coincidence I too happen to have, tell me in very simple words, WHAT SHOULD I DO TO MAKE MY ALBUMS AVAILABLE?

I feel like a leech now only sipping via the web some other people's work. :( Iread on some torrent forum that leechers are with time penalized with greatly reduced download spped. I want exchange not just being parazyte.

I also want to contribute. I installed a BitCome on my PC and hope this is enough. Now I have some dozens of albums as MP3 folders and if someone is interested in such security copies ;)

They're waiting. Please explain HOWTO.

Thanx in advance

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You need an application called a "ripper", more specifically a CD ripper. It will enumerate the songs on an audio CD, and convert some or all of them to mp3 format (or sometimes other formats) on your hard disk. There are many CD rippers out there, some free, most not. Use google to search for them, or look at download.com in order to find them, compare features, etc.

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Windows Media Player 10 will rip cds into MP3 format for you. Just remember to use a high bitrate. In WMP just set it to max with 320kbps. With MP3s you can use a very high rating and not take up much more space. Plus people will like your MP3 files more as it leaves them more options

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another popular option is FLAC (free lossless audio codec).

This will compress your audio CD into file/s.flac, which can be played in many media players, or converted back into audio cdrom with out any loss of quality. where MP3 will lose some quality.

You can find Flac using Google


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