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Sudden drop in download speed


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Hey all.

I've been using bitcomet for about a year, and have never had any problems with it.

A few days ago, however, I noticed that, where I used to get an average download speed of almost 200 kb/s, now I'm getting less than 30 kb/s. I haven't changed my computer or network, or messed with any settings (that I know about, at least).

Does anyone have guidance? I'm at a loss.



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i am having the same problem, and it started at the same time as you started having problems.. have you or anyone found any answers?? it sux going from downloads up to 350 kb/s to 30-40 kb/s..

lucky i only get up to about that if im lucky. At average i get 1kb

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There are many things that can effect the download speed. I will not go into details in this post, as this is fully explained in our settings and speed guides.

Basically, you can only receive the data as fast as the peers can send it.

Most slow torrents are a result of peers running multiple torrent. Since most users have more download speed, then upload, running multiple torrents will result in little or no upload to any one peer.

If you want to test what your client/connection is capable of performing, you can run a torrent that is seeded by high speed servers. Here are a couple...



Here is a link to Ubuntu Linux torrent


That torrent peeked over 865kB/s on my system.


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