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Hi everyone.

Was just after a few opinions on ISP's as I am thinking about making a change.

At the moment I have a work supplied deal which is 1M down 256K up, via a BT Line.

Have a problem in that I am so far from an exchange apparently, that my line is only just stable at 1M and I cannot expect any better. Ive been told if I subscribe to any of the up to services i could end up with only 512K so I opted for a fixed 1M rather than one which dynamically adjusts.

Ive been looking at telewest, as I know that cable is available in my area and I saw this as an alternative to being stuck with the BT Line. The only downside I could see to this is though they have a 10M service, the upload is only 384k

Could anyone offer their opinions on Telewest, or recommend any alternative options to look at


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Most ISPs here in the usa give much more download, compared to upload.

I would love to have less download, more upload, but most do not offer it. I guess I should be greatful that they don't throttle bit torrent.


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in some countries is legal for the police to break into youre house if you download 2 much from the internet... some ISP could hack into youre systems, my ISP always hacked into my computer and saw what I was dwonloading... but thanks 2 zone alaram my problem ended...

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