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Bitcomet freezing & web browsers freezing

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Hello everyone,

Although I've been using BitComet for a long time and have been very satisfied with its performance, I decided to join the forum today to see if I can find help from someone for the problems I've been dealing with the last 6 months or so with BitComet . I already e-mailed the customer support, but to the best of my knowledge BitComet customer support never replied back to me.

If anyone knows how to fix the following symptoms, any help would be greatly appreciated. Here are the symptoms:

Every time I try to download, BiComet freezes after functioning for a while. Although I didn't measure the time it takes before freezing, I notice that it's frozen usually the next day. Next to all the tasks, I see >> symbols. Not only that all my internet browsers stop working. For instance in Firefox, when I open it up or when I try to look up different URLs, I just see blank pages with the message "done" at the bottom. The only way I've been dealing with these problems has been to restore my PC every time this happens. Needless to say I would have to back up new files so I wouldn't loose them. This whole process has become quite time-consumming and irritating.

Will somebody help me, plz?

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My Bitcomet 0.70 causing system hang, after close the bitcomet also can do anything. And internet connection stoped! I dont know what happen. This problem come to me any time, im just running my bitcomet and go to sleep, after that i wake up nad go check my pc, bitcomet is freezed!!! Connection stopped!!! After close all program also not work. When i click to close programs, need a lot of time, bcoz hang like lagging.

Im using Bitcomet 0.70

Aztech DSL 600E Modem

IE 7 Final Version

Windows XP sp2 with full updates till november

PPPoE manual diap up broadband?? type of connection??

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus v10

before i dont have dis problem, this happen since from after i install bitcomet 0.77, bcoz of 0.77 download speed too slow and somere dont have prority function, so i decide to uninstall 0.77 and reinstall with bitcomet 0.70.

Plz help..........! THX!

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